ONS Bank Ltd. was established in 1999.                                                        


We are committed for the upliftment of society by providing financial assistance to the people, to start, enhance and upgrade their  business activities / business enterprises with a view to contribute to our vibrant economy. We also manage public investments through our various deposit schemes, offering them higher rate of interest.

Our bank have adopted a mission to extend the financial help to  various segment of society, esp. lower middle and middle class in creating / developing,  enhancing  their  own self- employment propositions, under Central Govt’s  ambitious programmes  like“start up India”, “Stand up India” etc.


Our vision is to bring the flexibility in our banking services according to the changes that happen in the area of banking, customer services, variety in banking products , adoption of latest banking technology, introducing  multiple payment systems and modes of money transfer. We also  update ourselves with the changing patterns of accounting systems, bring more clarity in preparation of statutory financial statements and adherence to the latest guidelines, instructions, directions issued by the appropriate Regulatory Authorities from time to time.

In view of the changing perception of business, change  credit demands /credit needs, changes in tastes and predilections of customers, we are always prepared to  bring the desired changes in our policies like credit policy /loan policy, deposit/ investment policy, cyber security policy, privacy policy, HR policy and customer service policies. Our customer service policy always enjoys  paramount significance.